Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amazing Photography By Latest Digital Cameras

Photographers always love to play with latest cameras and to get the interesting results using them. Every latest camera gives much and more specifications to fulfill the photographer’s desire.
Following are some wonderful shots taken by latest digital cameras:

Shot specs: Canon 20d, ISO 200, 18-55 IS, F/8, 20 seconds. Canon 430EX II 1/64th power zoom 105mm with Sto-Fen omni bounce
Used a small LED reading light to trace the "sunglasses," then held my flash in my left hand and test fired it. No post processing aside from cropping/resizing and removing one small unwanted light streak.
-Greg Moser

Shot specs:Canon 7D and EFS 18-135mm. ISO 100, 30 second exposure, ƒ/22.
When I first heard about the contest I had no idea how I was going to incorporate a person into the shot. I played around briefly with just moving an LED light around in an environment which I thought was pretty cool. I finally settled on the idea of circling around a person since I tried it and thought it looked pretty cool, but I had no idea how I was going to make it into a horizontal shot. My first idea was to circle around the person and then just have the light trail off and do its own thing. I then thought of doing a secondary empty wrap, which lead me to the idea of teleporting. From their my twin brother (the subject in the shot) and I played around with how best to connect the two people and how to fit the whole tracing into 30 seconds. This was the result.
-Pete Zich

Thought it would be easy to paint my arms in different places with light, so I chose to do a version of that DaVinci drawing.
It seemed easy at first, but with only a 30-second exposure it was hard to paint consistently and neatly so it took about 30 tries.
-Jason Miller

The image was created with a canon 7D with a 18-135 lens
exposure time was 97 sec at iso 100, f/stop 7.1
light sources used: sparklers and el wire
I asked my friend Jeff what spirit animal he wanted.. After finding it difficult to produce a wolf we opted for a purple dragon instead. It worked out much better.
-Darren Pearson

The photo that I shot was of myself in my living room. I used a Nikon D70S with a 28.0 - 300.0 mm f/3.5-6.3 lens. I used two different exposure times... 5 & 8 seconds. My f-stop was f/22 and my ISO was 200.
To achieve the green and orange trails of light, I used a LED flashlight with different pieces of plastic covering the light.
The final photo is a combination of 3 different photos.
1: With me in the middle
2: Green light painting
3: Orange light painting.
-Nick Maloof

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