Saturday, July 24, 2010

Autodesk Maya, a Powerful 3D Graphic Generator

Autodesk Maya is a software application used for 3D animation, 3D modeling, simulation, visual effects, rendering, matchmoving, and compositing and it is developed in Toronto by Autodesk's Media and Entertainment Division and the name Maya is named after the Sanskrit term that means illusion.
Maya is used in the film and TV industry, as well as for computer and video games, architectural visualization and design. The recent movie Avatar had been possible due to Autodesk Maya.
The new Maya contains all the features of Maya Unlimited 2009: Maya Fluid Effects (A realistic fluid simulator that is effective for smoke, fire, clouds and explosions), Maya Classic Cloth (Cloth simulation to automatically simulate clothing and fabrics moving realistically over an animated character), Maya Fur (Animal fur simulation similar to Maya Hair, it can be used to simulate other fur-like objects such as grass), Maya Hair (A simulator for realistic-looking human hair implemented using curves and Paint Effects, also known as dynamic curves), Maya Live (A set of motion tracking tools for CG matching to clean plate footage), Maya nCloth (nCloth gives the artist further control of cloth and material simulations), Maya nParticle (nParticle gives artists an intuitive, efficient workflow for simulating a wide range of complex 3D effects, including liquids, clouds, smoke, spray, and dust) and MatchMover (Added to Maya 2010, this enables compositing of CGI elements with motion data from video and film sequences).
Today, many 3D games and animated movie are being developed in Autodesk Maya. Kung Fu Panda, an animated movie, is also created in Maya.

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