Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bina48: First human like robot that can chat

The field of machatronics engineering is flourishing very fastly in the whole world. A number of different kind of robots are made in the world.Pepole have made a lot of interesting robots some of them can play instruments, some are used for research purposes it is the most desire of the robotic industry to make the robot just like the human being which can speak like the human being. Now for the first time they are succeeded to make a robot that will actually talk directly with human beings.
Bina48 is the most human like robot. It is using 30 motors to show all kinds of human facial expressions its look is just like the human face. This robot is the best effort of using
of artificial intelligence and the most amazing thing about this robot is that it can actually chat with human beings. Although chatting with this robot is not same as chatting with the original person but it’s the great advancement in the field of robots. Chatting with Bina48 is similar to chatting with a online Chabot. This robot is designed to look and acts like one of its owners Bina Rothblatt.This robot does not have any body it comprises of just the head a specific microphone is used to communicate with Bina48.It is not possible to talk to Bina48 face to face without using this specific microphone.

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