Monday, July 19, 2010

Check your vision through cellphones

Technology moving forward every minute, every second. Who has the time to go to the doctor to check the eyesight in this busy world? Everyone wants the facilities at the door step MIT researchers have developed a new way to check our eyesight which is way cheaper and portable than the current solutions available. The technique dubbed as NETRA (near-eye tool for refractive assessment) uses a plastic that costs about $2 and a phone loaded with the NETRA software.

NETRA works by user placing its eye at a very close range where couple of patterns pass through different regions ultimately overlapping and computing the result with the help of software on the phone. The technique can show refractive errors and displays a prescription of what a user can do.

Researchers claim their optometry solution could prove a boon in remote areas as the only major requirement to make it work is a cellphone.

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