Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pillete-New concept of Bluetooth headset

It is not possible to place the phone near your ear every time while you are talking to you on your cell phone specially while driving or moving down in streets so the Bluetooth headset is the best option for this but while wearing that Bluetooth headset a person looks like a Robocop due to its large size sometimes it feels very odd to wear it while moving around people.

So the Pillete is the best solution for this problem it is a new concept of Bluetooth headset it is so tiny, it’s almost invisible to the untrained eye when you are wearing it. Now people can’t see your Bluetooth headset so don’t you feel like the Robocop but now people will start thinking that you’ve lost your marbles and you’re talking to yourself.

The main problem is that the fact that people have different sized ears and the device might be too small and slip out or to big and not fit. But once they’ll figure out a way to make the Pillete adjustable, this design will be the future of all headsets.

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