Thursday, July 29, 2010

Samsung HMX-E10 is a full HD camcorder for beginners

Love capturing most of your precious moments in life. While pictures are great at reminding us of our great time, but videos also have their place in the entire hierarchy. The Samsung HMX-E10 plays its role well, being a full HD camcorder that is small and portable enough to be slipped into your pocket without any problem. This is a point-and-shoot device, boasting a versatile, 270-degree swiveling lens which will enhance your creativity while allowing you to record your very own unique views in each video through various angles and with its swiveling lens, you can also have a new sense of fun when recording video, as it allows you to be part of the video itself without straining your arm too much

All recorded video can be transferred over to a computer using the innovative built-in USB port. It also frees up your luggage space, since there is no USB cable to bring around. When plugged in via USB, you can also charge the battery thus no need to carry an extra charger for the cell..
Not only that, the HMX-E10 will come loaded with Samsung’s play-edit-sharing program known as intelli-studio, where this intuitive program will offer you the ability to edit and play your video from any computer without having to install supporting software (amazing isn’t it).

With an interactive and onscreen “upload” button, the HMX-E10 make short work of uploading footage to the Web, sharing it with your loved ones. Other hardware specifications include a large, high-performance 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor which can capture video in full HD resolution as well as 8-megapixel stills, a 2.7″ wide touchscreen LCD display, the swivel lens (as mentioned before), and Smart Filters to produce unique lens and color effects.

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