Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Increasing Number Of Diseases Due To Flood In Pakistan

Pakistan is facing the worst flood of its history this year. Millions of people have lost their lives and a lot of them become homeless. Many villages of Pakistan are vanished completely due to this horrible flood. This flood has affected all the four provinces of Pakistan and becomes a great challenge for Pakistani government and nation.

The damages which are occurred due to this flood are remarkable but the after effects of this flood are more dangerous and horrible. The health issue is the largest among all these. World Health Organization reported last week that that between the 29th July and 20th August there were 53,707 new cases of suspected malaria, across at least three Pakistan provinces - Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh. And the effectives are increasing with every passing minute.

Ashiq Hussain Malik, an administrator at Muzaffargarh district hospital, which is based in the south of the Punjab province of Pakistan, says that while the wards had previously been full of patients with gastroenteritis, "now the ratio of malaria patients is increasing". Cases of acute diarrhea, acute respiratory tract infection and skin infections are also increasing very rapidly.

According to the report issued by United Nation over 17 million people are affected by this flood. Till now the area larger than England i.e. 160,000 square kilometers is facing the worst flood due to the heavy monsoon rains.

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