Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mind Reading Computer By Intel-- Brings a Huge Change in The World of Technology

Reading human thoughts is always an interesting and mysterious field. Special Forces especially army and other intelligence agencies look for such devices which can read the human thinking. Such devices may be very helpful in detection and stopping terrorism. These agencies are supporting and conducting huge research on this project.

The engineers at Intel are making efforts to build a computer that will be able to look at a person's brain activity and determine actual words that they're thinking. The basic idea behind this device is that the activity generated in the average person by individual words can be mapped and stored in a database, to be matched against that of someone using the though control interface.

The results achieved till now are very encouraging. The basic machine has been made by Intel which can by the help of magnetic resonance scanner differentiate the daily usage words like screwdriver, house, and barn. The advent of machine which can search your brain like a search engine is possible but it may take several more years.

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