Sunday, August 15, 2010

Use Your iPhone In Business

Your Apple iPhone, a multitasking phone, is a lot fun when it comes to play music(acting as an ipod), capture pictures and make videos with its built in camera, and numerous applications are also available satisfying your needs. Not only this your iPhone can also help you out at your business.

That’s right, use your iPhone in business.Apple’s iPhone consists of Office application thus you can create documents, presentations and worksheets. It also comes with Microsoft Exchange so their users get secure over-the-air push email, calendar, and their contacts keeping them up to date. It consists of full-featured Safari browser provides access to corporate resources anytime. iPhone also includes other easy-to-use modern applications like Maps, Voice Memos, and Voice Control to help users get more things done faster, thus saving your precious time. You can use your voice to initiate a call with anyone in your contact list, thus your voice can control a lot of things that you can imagine. Some application specially designed for business includes: Oracle Business Indicators, Roambi, Workday, Analytics Application, Site Catalyst, Oracles Business Approval For Managers and a lot nore and not only that you can also create your own applications.

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