Saturday, September 18, 2010

Indestructible Flexible Keyboard

The indestructible keyboard, as related to its name is indestructible because it is highly resistant to spilled liquids because silicon is used in its making.This keyboard is easily washed with water as compared with other keyboards which are very hard to clean.Another advantage of Indestructible keyboard is that it is very soft and comfortable .It will save significant amount of space as it roll up in your pocket.

The indestructible keybord is especially designed for people whose jobs revolve around computer and also for gamers that use computre for hours.This keyboard minimise aches because its special design completely eliminates negative angle wrist stress, which cause carpal tunnel syndrome.It is very suitable for home and office as its quick and reflexive typing is more convenient than traditional hard key boards.

Right now its three different versions are available; a black 85 key with no number pad, a black 109 key with a number pad, and a transparent glow 109 key with a number pad. All of the units cost a mere $29.99, an incredibly low price for one of the most optimally designed keyboards on the market. This keyboard is the future of computer hardware.


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