Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboards

This Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner comes with two Vacuum cleaning attachments in which one is bristle brush and another is flexible rubber. You can use the keyboard attachment rubber to vacuum the dust and other particles trapped underneath the keyboard keys, by sliding the squeezable tube between keys.  You can use the brush and suction tube attachment of this USB Vacuum Cleaner for general cleaning of air fans, monitor and computer area, or dust on you desktop.

It is samll in size so that its placement doesn’t create problems for you. It is powered by USB Port and plugs into any USB port. It has two switch levels, slide the switch to the first level to turn on the LED light and slide the switch to the second level to turn on the vacuum cleaner. You can press the "High Power" button to increase suction power, for vacuuming heavier dirt and dust. The price of this Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner is $2.5, so cheap that anyone can buy it for ones laptop/computer.

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