Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FridgePad- an iPad which is the world’s most expensive Fridge magnet

Computers and laptops have already conquered the study and the lounge room and have been making steady inroads in their assault on the kitchen with devices such as Internet capable fridges and digital recipe readers but as soon as the iPad was released, more than a few people were pondering its potential as a kitchen computer to provide the functionality of these devices and more. Well a few creative types even mounted iPads into their cupboard doors.

The FridgePad is little more than a magnetic mounting gadget that turns your iPad into the world’s largest and most expensive fridge magnet and unlike the cupboard door mounting option, the FridgePad won’t leave a gaping hole in the when you want to take your iPad out of the kitchen. The device allows an iPad to be clipped in and out to provide a central place where the iPad can be stored where everyone will be able to find it, pretty amazing isn’t it.

The FridgePad will retail for approxmately US$77 when it goes on sale at Amazon.com this autumn and the additional accessories including a wall mount, counter top stand and power unit will be introduced later this year.

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