Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Unbreakable Screens For LCD TV

Most of people in the world are worried about screens of their LCD TV’s.Pepole are always worried about breaking of the LCD screens so Corning Inc has developed a glass called “Gorilla Glass” which seems to be an indestructible, scratch proof glass. The company has now made it available for LCD screens on TV’s.

Just recently some TV companies have decided to add unbreakable gorilla glass to their LCD TV’s and make them for sale to the public. No deals have been made as of yet but Corning Inc said they will probably have a deal locked in by this fall 2010. Gorilla glass has good durability, strength, and is scratch resistant. Who wouldn’t want a scratch proof TV screen? This will help protect your investment. Of course, this will cost you a few extra dollars but is it not worth it!

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