Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Liquid Pencils

Today, some people don’t like writing instead prefer use typing on a computer, which they find rather easy but for those who do like writing there is a good news. Now you don’t have to sharp your pencils and not even you have to load a lead in your clutch or mechanical pencils as Sharpie has come out with an interesting new pencil that mimics pens by being liquid.

These Sharpie pencils will allow for you to erase your work up to a certain point that is after it’s been sitting for over 3 days you won’t be able to erase it, similar to pens that can’t be erased. That will free your space of not caring an extra sharpener or extra leads, and no doubts it will look stylish if you use it. So say good bye to the old wooden and mechanical pencils and try these liquid pencils.

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