Wednesday, August 11, 2010

World's Largest Clock


People around the world especially Muslims are anxiously waiting for the time when the world's largest clock begins ticking in Islam's holiest city Makkah in Saudia Arabia. A test of three month will start in the month of Ramadan (Muslim’s calendar month), which begins today.

Each face will be emblazoned with "God is greatest" in Arabic language and fitted with thousands of colored lights and will be visible from more than 25 kilometers.

Saudi Arabia's state news agency says that the clock tower will be more than 600 meters high which is roughly six times the height of London's famous Big Ben. The tower is designed by German and Swiss engineers. The entire project costs will be $800 million.

The clock tower is part of the Abraj al-Bait hotel complex (situated in Makkah) and visitors will be able to stand on a terrace beneath the clock to have a view of the city.


  1. Signs of qiyamat

  2. ya sure it shows that qiyamat is very near now.. so all the muslims should be prepared about it..